Access 2007, Intermediate AC-015

Course Overview

To complete a basic application made of tables, queries, forms, and reports as well as macros and menus.


Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows.


Day 1

Advanced Query Design:

  • Creating Crosstab Queries;
  • Using the Wizard; Working in Design View;
  • Creating queries that accept parameters;
  • Creating different types of parameters;
  • Choosing different types of parameters in the same query;
  • Creating and running Action queries;
  • Creating a Make-Table query;
  • Creating an Append query;
  • Creating a Delete query;
  • Creating an Update query.

Advanced Form Design:

  • Understanding form structure;
  • Types of forms;
  • Modifying object properties;
  • Understanding the notion of bound and unbound objects;
  • Creating a form in design view;
  • Creating a form that uses data from a table or query;
  • Using the Field List;
  • Identifying Toolbox buttons;
  • Using Toolbox tools;
  • Using formatting tools on a form;
  • Aligning objects on a form;
  • Making controls the same size;
  • Applying, creating, modifying, and removing autoformats;
  • Applying conditional formatting rules to controls;
  • Changing the tab order.

Day 2

Advanced Report Design:

  • What is a control?;
  • Modifying control properties;
  • Understanding dependance and independance;
  • Using the Design View and report wizards;
  • Creating a basic report in Design View;
  • Creating a report with grouping;
  • Using wizards to create a report;
  • Applying conditional formatting;
  • Solving printing problems;
  • Using object properties;
  • Filtering and sorting data in a report;
  • Adjusting the print parameters of a section;

Changing the format of a field. Creating Macros:

  • The concept of a macro;
  • Defining macros;
  • Identifying the macro design window;
  • Defining an event;
  • Developping macros in Access;
  • Developping a simple macro;
  • Developping a group of macros;
  • Developping a conditional macro;
  • Using macros with objects;
  • Assigning macros to command button’s properties;
  • Assigning macros to form’s properties.

Appendix A:

Complete definition of macro actions.

Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate : 300.00 $
Preferential Rate : 255.00 $
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