Access 2010 Advanced (VBA) AC-019

Course Overview

To develop database management applications.


Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows.



  • Creating synchronized drop-down lists;
  • Creating the first drop-down list;
  • Creating the second drop-down list;
  • Using synchronized drop-down lists;
  • Creating a macro to update the second drop-down list;
  • Creating a state-driven event to update the second drop-down list;
  • Using the “Column” property;
  • Using the Nz function;
  • Inserting and using an Excel workbook in a form;
  • Advanced use of sub-forms;
  • Creating the query;
  • Creating the sub-form;
  • Calculating.

Introduction to SQL Queries:

  • Defining the SQL language;
  • Understanding the use of SQL language;
  • Accessing the SQL language;
  • Creating simple SQL expressions;
  • Using the SELECT instruction;
  • Using FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY clauses;
  • Using ALL, DISTINCT, DISTINCTROW and TOP predicates;
  • Creating complex SQL expressions;
  • Using the UNION operation;
  • Using the SELECT … INTO, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT INTO instructions.

Introduction to Programming:

  • Using modules;
  • Creating a module;
  • Differentiate types of procedures; Creating custom functions;
  • Understanding the concept of variables and constants;
  • Enabling the Explicit option by default;
  • Creating and using variables;
  • What is a constant? Creating and using constants;
  • Managing objects, their methods and properties;
  • Defining the properties of methods; Understanding the notion of objects;
  • Using the object Explorer;
  • Using the DoCmd object; Controlling the execution of your programs;
  • Working with the If instruction formats;
  • Mastering the Select Case instruction.

Advanced Programming:

  • Using the ActiveX Calendar tool;
  • Creating the Calendar tool;
  • Writing VBA code necessary to use the Calendar tool;
  • Using error management in VBA;
  • Using the On Error instruction;
  • Using a list box with multiple selections;
  • Creating a list box with multiple selections;
  • Creating a list box, an action button and the necessary code to display the results.



Duration : 2 days
Regular Rate : $500
Preferential Rate : $400
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Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate : 530.00 $
Preferential Rate : 450.50 $
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