Access 2010 Intermediate AC-018

Course Overview

To create an application composed of tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and menus.


Microsoft Access 2010 Intermediate and experience in application creation using Access



  • Definition and use;
  • Creating a query using the assistant;
  • Working with queries;
  • Relationships inside queries.


  • Definition and use;
  • The user interface concept;
  • Creation modes;
  • Working with forms.


  • Definition and use;
  • Types of reports;
  • Creation modes;
  • Working with reports.

Advanced Report Creation:

  • Understanding the concept of a control;
  • Modifying the properties of a control;
  • Understanding the dependency and interdependency concept;
  • Using the design mode and the report assistant;
  • Creating simple reports in design mode that contain grouping and use the assistant;
  • Applying conditional formatting;
  • Fixing common printing issues;
  • Using the properties of objects;
  • Sorting and filtering report data;
  • Adjusting the print parameters for a section;
  • Modifying the format of a field.

Macro Creation:

  • The concept of macros;
  • Defining a macro;
  • Identifying the macro creation window;
  • Defining an event;
  • Developing macros in Access;
  • Creating a simple macro, a group of macros and a conditional macro;
  • Using macros with objects;
  • Associating macros with command button properties and form properties.


  • List of macro Actions in ascending order.
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Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate : 300.00 $
Preferential Rate : 255.00 $
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