Excel 2019 Regular Beginner EX-035

Course Overview

Mastering the basic features of Excel to create a simple spreadsheet from the design phase to the printing process.


Excel beginner


Basic Concepts:

  • What is a spreadsheet;
  • Starting Microsoft Excel;
  • The Excel environment;
  • Customizing the Ribbon;
  • Customizing the Quick Access toolbar;
  • Importing/Exporting customizations;
  • The “Backstage”;
  • Understanding the Excel characteristics;
  • Using the mouse;
  • Using the keyboard;
  • Using the Excel help features.

Data Entry:

  • The different data types;
  • Setting the display, the content and the format of a cell;
  • Data entry;
  • Editing data;
  • Undoing, redoing or repeating an action;
  • Using the Zoom features.

Workbook Management:

  • Creating a new workbook;
  • Opening a workbook;
  • Saving a workbook;
  • Saving and sharing files online;
  • Freezing titles;
  • Viewing multiple workbooks;
  • A workbook, a window;
  • Sending a workbook via e-mail;
  • Closing a workbook;
  • Closing Excel.

Editing Techniques:

  • Selecting cells;
  • Moving or copying cells;
  • Working with data series;
  • Using the Auto Fill feature;
  • Searching and replacing text.

Basic Calculations:

  • Creating a formula;
  • Using mathematical operators;
  • Identifying the order of calculation;
  • Copying the result of a formula;
  • Modifying the reference type;
  • Detecting errors.


  • Creating a formula using functions;
  • Using the SUM function;
  • Adding a range of data using the instant data analysis tools;
  • Using Statistical functions;
  • Using Date functions;
  • Using the IF Logical function;
  • Changing the format of cells.

Spreadsheet Management:

  • Changing the width of a column;
  • Changing the height of a row;
  • Inserting or deleting cells;
  • Inserting or deleting rows or columns;
  • Hiding rows or columns.

Formatting Data:

  • Modifying the alignment;
  • Formatting characters;
  • Adding borders;
  • Applying shades to cells;
  • Using styles;
  • Using conditional formatting;
  • Copying and pasting formatting.

Page Layout and Printing:

  • Using the Print Preview feature;
  • Modifying the page layout options;
  • Editing page breaks;
  • Setting the print area;
  • Printing a spreadsheet.
Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate : 300.00 $
Preferential Rate : 255.00 $
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