Helping Your Employees Achieve Their Goals: Continuous Performance Evaluation /F317

This course will help you improve your capacity to create ongoing dialogue related to performance evaluation and establish action plans that will allow you to foster lasting engagement.So that individual efforts contribute to organizational results.


Give meaning to performance management to achieve organizational results and engage individuals.


For leaders

Learning objectives
  • Take on the role of leader in relation to people and results.
  • Give yourself the tools to define objectives consistent with alignments and provide follow-up.
  • Master the key actions related to communication and review of performance.
  • Improve your ability to create an ongoing performance dialogue.

Theoretical presentations (30 %); scenarios and exercises (70 %).


Pre-training preparatory exercise

  • Exercise: Identifying a case


  • Introduction: perspective and organizational benefits
  • Performance management
    • Levers of a performing team
    • Performance management is central to managing people
  • Leader in charge of personnel and results
    • The two major challenges of the leader in charge of personnel and results
    • Being a leader at each performance level
    • From transactional leadership to meaningful leadership•
    • Adapt your performance leadership stylePerformance management: an ongoing dialogue
    • The performance management cycle
    • Ongoing dialogue for engagement
    • Engagement and taking action
  • Reviewing and communicating performance
    • Setting performance objectives
    • Evaluation workshop: quality criteria and golden rules
    • Supervision process: with or without annual review
  • Managing poor performance situations
    • Procedure for performance discrepancies
    • Risks of not taking action
    • Procedure for dealing with performance discrepancies
  • Performance measurement and monitoring
  • Action plan
  • Training program evaluation
UEC : 0,7
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Preferential Rate : 420.75 $
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