Optimize your time with Outlook COM-001

Course Overview

Time management is an art that enables individuals to control their environment, to have a simple visual image of what needs to be accomplished, and to develop and implement an effective method to achieve it. This unique course helps develop the expertise needed to increase skills in time management by using tools that are part of our daily lives.


Having an existing Linkedin account prior to the training

  • The concepts of time management applied to technology
    • Explanation of the actual impact of random management of our tasks
    • The numerous interruptions and the impacts of technology on them
    • The impacts of multi-tasking
    • The right choice of communication methods at work
    • The distinction between urgent and important
  • Implementing a dashboard for tasks and follow-up management
    • Interpretation and visualization of tasks:
    • Our time management radar
    • Prioritization in a technological world
    • A realistic, efficient work plan with
  • Outlook Overview of work items in Outlook (tasks, calendar and notes)
    • Reviewing the basic and advanced features in the Calendar
    • Creating a task and/or a file, and tracking follow-ups
    • Inserting documents, elements and hyperlinks
    • Managing tasks in a methodical and organized fashion
    • Setting up templates for repetitive tasks
    • Printing the task list Teamwork with Outlook
  • The 3 important conditions for delegating well with
    • Outlook Sharing tasks with members of your team using the software
    • Sending status report and task updates
  • Classification of items in Outlook
    • Creating project templates
    • Editing multiple tasks in blocks
Duration :
Regular Rate : 380.00 $
Preferential Rate : 323.00 $
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