Outlook 2003, Advanced OU-003

Course Overview

Create an application using a custom form. Create different types of forms.


Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT, XP or Vista


Form Creation: Form types; Creating a form; Managing fields. Label and Field Formatting: Managing label and field formatting; Managing page formatting; Managing item layout. Control Usage: Inserting controls. Control Properties: Defining control properties; Defining advanced control properties. Form Publishing: Testing a form; Publishing a form; Managing forms. Saving Forms: Saving as a template; Opening a template for testing; Opening a template to modify it; Saving changes to a template. Form Availability: Using a form published in the folder list; Using a form published in a folder or a library; Associating a form with a folder. Project : Creating a Message Type Form: Creating a Message type form; The pages of the Message form; Modifying the composition page of the Message form; Modifying the Reading page of the Message form; Modifying the Action page of the Message form; Modifying the Properties page; Publishing the Message form. Project : Creating an Appointment form published in the Calendar: Creating an Appointment-type form; The pages of the Appointment form; Adding fields to the new page; Modifying control properties; Publishing in the Calendar folder. Project : Creating a Task application published in the public folders: Preparing the personal folders file; Creating a Task-type form; The pages of the Task form; Creating new fields for the Task form; Inserting controls and fields; Publishing and testing the form.



Duration : 1 day(s)
Regular Rate : $250
Preferential Rate : $200
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