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What can you expect from this training?

As a professional, you need to stay up to date with technology. No technology has a greater impact on your communication, time, and activities than Microsoft Outlook.
Most people feel overwhelmed by the information they receive, the follow-ups and all the actions they have to deal with every day. Business professionals typically receive more than 50 emails, have to manage at least three meetings, and / or manage various project responsibilities on a daily basis. This can easily represent more than 10,000 emails and 700 appointments per year.
How can you find the time to do valuable work, be strategic, aware of what needs to be done, and still have the peace of mind to go home in control, without the fear of forgetting one of these critical commitments?
Unlike all other Outlook training programs, “Outlook Like a Pro” is not a simple overview of the various features and basic functions. This course will teach you how to turn Outlook into an amazing productivity tool helping you to organize your life and career in a simple and effective manner.
It is like having a virtual assistant there for you, 24/7. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, we will show you how to leverage and make use of all the great features this essential software has to offer.
If you want to focus on achieving your goals, build a solid reputation for punctuality, and prioritize doing what is important to you, this training is a must!

Program target audience

✓ Any professional receiving more than 25 emails per day and needs help with organization
✓ An executive assistant who is looking for a robust method to deal with a heavy in-flow of requests
✓ Middle and senior managers looking to put more time back in their day
✓ Anyone who spends more than 2 hours a day with Outlook

You absolutely need this course if What will your future look like after this training?

  • You feel overwhelmed by the number of emails you receive
  • You often miss deadlines and important follow-ups
  • You regularly update your to-do-list and you still forget items
  • You would like to be more organized and put some time back into your day
  • You are looking for ways to be more efficient and effective throughout your day
What will your future look like after this training?

  • You will be able to control your inbox and calendar from anywhere at any time
  • You’ll gain an unparalleled level of comfort with Outlook so you feel less stressed and more productive
  • You will have a simple and efficient dashboard allowing you to effectively manage your time
  • You will be better prepared to sort your daily activities allowing for better time management
  • You will be able to manage your schedule quickly and in a structured way
Overview of the program

Your mission in this program

Learn how to win back one hour of your business day by leveraging all of the features and functions made available in Outlook. You will be well positioned to do more in less time. – Online program duration: 4h30

Module 1 – Meet your new assistant – Online course duration : 30 minutes

Learn all the best features of the Outlook interface and turn it into a powerful virtual assistant that will support you every day.

  • Understand the full potential of the Outlook interface
  • Eliminate unnecessary features and build best practice habits
  • Develop an incredible level of comfort with Outlook
  • Control your daily to-do-list more effectively

Module 2 – Reclaim your day – Online course duration : 60 minutes

Discover the best features of tasks and calendar. Mastering these features will give you full control of your time and day.

  • Discover the best way to manage your time in Outlook and achieve your goals
  • Adopt best practices to optimize your day
  • Check all your appointments and tasks in one view
  • Learn how to plan your day more efficiently

Module 3 – A powerful tracking tool – Online course duration : 60 minutes

Organize your workflow and simplify your task list. You will optimize the dashboard you have just learned to create and take it to another level.

  • Organize your tasks in a robust tracking tool
  • Align your top priorities with your main responsibilities
  • Improve task management to increase your performance

Module 4 – Reach the goal of zero email – Online course duration : 60 minutes

Discover the easiest way to take control of your inbox and keep it that way no matter how many emails you receive in a day.

  • Understand how to organize your inbox
  • Make it easy to find emails
  • Optimize the archiving process of your emails
  • Improve the flow of conversations
  • Link emails to your dashboard when they require further follow-up

Module 5 – Automate your emails – Online course duration : 60 minutes

Learn to automate repetitive processes and eliminate unnecessary actions so you can spend more time focused on the demands of the day.

  • Personalize your Outlook to prioritize and display important or relevant emails
  • Learn the best structure to classify important messages quickly
  • Master all essential email management features
  • Create smart action templates to accelerate your workflow

Training Rollout – (LIVE version & Workshops)
Time : 9 hours – (540 minutes)

The training takes place over 4 weeks. It begins with an online module that allows you to set up your Outlook interface to be ready to follow the 90-minute instructor-led workshop to give you the foundation and principles of proper use of the tool. Afterwards, you will have access to the complete program via online short videos including some exercises to complete at your own pace, on a secure and private platform.

If you book training for 10+ participants within your company, a free analysis tool will be made available allowing you to follow the progress of each student.

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Duration : 3 x 1 h 30
Regular Rate : 697.00 $
Preferential Rate : 592.45 $
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Following the training, you will have access to the online course platform. There you will find the entire course in short video clips.

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