Playing to Your Strengths and Amping up Teamswork (for managers) /f313

This course helps managers assess their personal strengths as the leader of a team and adjust their approach based on fundamental needs and individual differences. An essential course in an era where diversity is celebrated, underscored and a daily reality.


To improve your ability to relate to various types of personalities using a proven model and overcome communication blind spots.


For leaders

Learning objectives
  • Become more aware of your behaviour as a team leader.
  • Understand the consequences of your own fundamental motivations.
  • Become aware of individual differences.
  • Adapt your approach to each based on the types of fundamental needs.
  • Take responsibility for the team’s performance to achieve expected results.

Theoretical presentations (40%); scenarios and exercises (60%).

  • Link between fundamental motivations and behaviours
  • Basic premises
  • Personality strengths deployment questionnaire
  • Fundamental motivations and types of actions based on personality type (colour)
  • Relationship styles: primary, borrowed or hidden
  • Conflict vs. opposition (definition and sources)
  • Reactions or personal adjustments in a conflict situation
  • Predictable change sequence in a conflict situation
  • Personal strengths and exaggerated strengths
  • Managing individuals… managing specificities
  • Personal improvement plan
  • Training evaluation
UEC : 0,7
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate : 555.00 $
Preferential Rate : 471.75 $
Note :
Upcoming Dates :
3 Jun 2021 - 8:30 to 16:30

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