To each his colour

Course Overview

In this one-day course, you will learn about your personal strengths as a team member and the relationship style you use with your teammates. You will also learn how to make yourself accountable and pitch in to contribute to efficient teamwork.


To improve your ability to relate to various types of personalities using a proven model and overcome communication blind spots.


For everyone

Learning objectives
  • Identify the consequences of our fundamental motivations and our unstable (conflictual) areas to modify our communicational approach
  • Analyze our behavior within our team using the test results to adjust our posture, attitude and reactions
  • Distinguish the motivational differences of individuals to better adapt to our environment through appropriate leadership
  • Avoid the pitfalls associated with the abuse of our natural strengths to act with discernment with the individuals under our supervision, our collaborators and our business partners

Theoretical presentations (40%); scenarios and exercises (60%).



  • Link between fundamental motivations and behaviours
  • Basic premises
  • Personality strengths deployment questionnaire
  • Fundamental motivations and types of actions based on your personality type (colour)
  • Relationship styles: primary, borrowed or hidden

Intersessional work: My collaborators and their “colors”. Map colleagues and adjust approaches


  • Conflict vs. opposition (definition and sources)
  • Reactions or personal adjustments in conflict situations
  • Predictable change in conflict situations
  • Personal strengths and exaggerated strengths
  • Member of a team… accepting and supporting differences
  • Personal improvement plan
  • Training evaluation
UEC : 0,7
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