Word 2019 Beginner for Professionals WO-043

Course Overview

Creating a simple document from the design phase to printing using the available tools.


A good knowledge of Microsoft Windows.


Basic Concepts:

  • What is a word processor;
  • Exploring the Word interface;
  • The “Backstage”.

Text Entry:

  • Understanding the basic components of a document;
  • Entering text;
  • Editing text;
  • Undoing, redoing or repeating an action;
  • Displaying the rulers.

Document Management:

  • Creating a new document;
  • Saving a document;
  • Saving and sharing files online (in the Cloud);
  • Viewing multiple documents;
  • Sending a document via e-mail;
  • Closing a document;Closing the Word application.

Editing Techniques:

  • Selecting text;
  • Moving or copying text;
  • Searching and replacing text.

Proofing Tools:

  • Using the spell and grammar tools;
  • Using the thesaurus;
  • Using the AutoCorrect feature;
  • Translating words or sentences.

Formatting Characters:

  • Changing the font and character attributes;
  • Changing the spacing between characters.

Formatting Paragraphs:

  • Aligning paragraphs;
  • Adjusting the indents;
  • Changing the spacing between paragraphs;
  • Working with tabs.

Bulleted and Numbered Lists:

  • Quickly creating a list;
  • Creating a numbered list.

Page Layout:

  • Page layout parameters;
  • Managing headers and footers.

Display and Printing:

  • Controlling the display of a document;
  • Using the Print Preview feature;
  • The new reading layout view;
  • Printing a document.
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate : 150.00 $
Preferential Rate : 127.50 $
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