Word 2019 Intermediate WO-045

Course Overview

Applying a different page layout. Using columns to display text. Standardizing documents using styles, templates and using the Mail Merge feature.


Word beginner


Customizing Page Setup:

  • Creating and managing sections;
  • Creating multiple headers and footers;
  • Enhancing page setup;
  • Displaying text in multiple columns.


  • Creating tables;
  • Changing the layout of a table;
  • Using the Table to Text feature;
  • Changing the appearance of a table;
  • Customizing the appearance of a table;
  • Using the new table tools.


  • The gallery of Quick Styles;
  • Adding elegance and style;
  • Working with Themes;
  • The Styles window;
  • Using the Outline View;
  • Modifying styles;
  • Creating a style;
  • Numbering styles;
  • Creating a table of content based on different styles;
  • Managing styles.


  • Using a template;
  • Exploring the different template files;
  • Creating a template;
  • Managing templates.

A Brief Overview of New Features:

  • Loading and editing PDF files;
  • Incorporating pictures and videos online.

The Mail Merge Feature:

  • Understanding merge fields and the mail merge process;
  • Merging fields and launching the mail merge process;
  • Incorporating merge fields in the main document;
  • Previewing the results;
  • Launching and stopping the merge process;
  • Making changes to the main document.
Duration : Days
Regular Rate : 300.00 $
Preferential Rate : 255.00 $
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