Impactful Communication

We are constantly communicating, whether to inform, pass on decisions, influence, encourage action, sell an idea, share a vision or build bonds. Since communication is a strategic issue in organizations, we can’t avoid it: we have to speak in public. With 75% practical exercises, this course will help you become a communicator who makes an impact.


Develop your skills in order to become an effective communicator able to convince, mobilize or lead a change.


For leaders and consultants

Learning objectives
  • Increase your ability to deliver compelling and stimulating oral presentations.
  • Experiment and appropriate the tools to identify, understand and meet the needs of the audience.
  • Become comfortable and overcome your stage fright in front of an audience.
  • Practice the different techniques of and effective oral presentation to ensure the transfer of knowledge in the workplace.
Characteristics of the training activity
  • Through adapted scenarios, participants will be asked to put into practice the theoretical elements presented by making at least six short presentations in front of the group.
  • Theoretical lectures (20%) and practical activities (80%): participants’presentations and structured feedback with evaluation grid.
  • Introduction: Presentation of the training and explanation of the approach chosen for the development day
  • The two challenges when speaking in public
  • Communication: Measuring your impact
    • Self-diagnostic exercise: Awareness of your difficulties in public communication
    • Interactive lecture and practice activity:Factors influencing my speech
    • Exercise: Real situations based on participants’ reality
    • Capsule on stage fright and experimentation to develop your comfort
  • Find the meanings for my audience
    • Practice activity
  • Identify the objectives of my presentation
    • Practice activity
  • Know your audience
    • Adapt your speech to the audience
    • Get your audience’s attention
    • Gain and keep their interest
  • Key elements of a good speech
    • Talk about what you know
    • Be convincing
    • Be structured
    • Exercise with real situations based on participants’ reality
  • Tips and tricks to make your speech appealing
    • Voice, pauses and silences, language,gestures, humour, images, anecdotes andexamples
  • How to answer audience questions appropriately
    • Do not be distracted by what you have prepared and what is approved
  • Training program evaluation
UEC : 1,4
Duration :
Regular Rate : 990.00 $
Preferential Rate : 841.50 $
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