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Are you a beginner or a seasoned expert? Do you already have experience in the area for which you need training? Maximize your investment thanks to our pre-assessments.

For training to be successful, it is crucial that participants be in the appropriate group and that their facilitator understands each of their needs prior to the training. That is why we recommend all participants take a few minutes to assess their knowledge.

We invite you to answer the questionnaire that applies to the software you want to get the training for.

Your answers will determine the most appropriate level for you to continue learning the software.

Depending on the software, you will be asked to complete 2 or 3 steps. If you have little or no knowledge, the questionnaire will stop at the first step and will suggest the beginner’s course. If the majority of your answers are correct, you will be asked to continue to the second step, and so on, until the recommendation of the level chosen for your course. You will then see the content as well as the dates and locations available for your registration.

We will also contact you to ensure that everything is in place to meet your expectations.

You will be redirected to the secure flexiquiz.com

Choose the software you want to get a assessment for

Using Office Suite has not held any secrets for a long time for Versalys, which specializes in office automation.

Considering that our clients are looking for the best skills to fill their teams, we have already been offering them an Office Suite knowledge evaluation service for several years.  Knowledge tests that evaluate the level of candidates’ Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook skills are useful as part of the recruitment selection or promotion process.

Up until now, this service was offered on demand.

We now wish to make this service available to all companies in search of validation of office automation knowledge as part of the recruitment and promotion process.

Discover our generic questionnaires or request the creation of a customized questionnaire based on the specific requirements for your jobs.

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For over 15 years, Versalys has been offering its clients a language knowledge and skills evaluation service.

Are you in the midst of the recruitment or promotion process and do you want to check your candidates’ knowledge and skills in French or English? Our specialists conduct the evaluations required and draw up a report on the evaluated persons’ level.  You can accordingly make the right choice and, if necessary, arrange for additional training.

+ French  – Written or spoken

+ English  – Written or spoken

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