Office 365 OneDrive OF-002

Course Overview

What is OneDrive?


Be in an Office 365 environment


OneDrive for Business in Office 365

  • Creating folders and files in OneDrive
  • Editing and renaming a document in OneDrive
  • Saving and renaming a file in OneDrive
  • Uploading a file or a folder in OneDrive
  • Saving on OneDrive from an office application
  • Connecting an application to Office 365
  • Pinning a file or a document folder
  • Opening a document in OneDrive
  • Managing versions in OneDrive
  • Moving or copying in OneDrive
  • Coediting a document online in OneDrive
  • Coediting an Excel workbook online in OneDrive
  • Adding online comments on OneDrive
  • Adding comments with the client desktop in OneDrive
  • Sharing a document or a folder in OneDrive
  • Sharing an open document online in OneDrive
  • Stopping sharing of a file in OneDrive
  • Creating a link to a document or a folder that can be shared in OneDrive
  • Removing a link that can be shared in OneDrive
  • Finding files that are shared with me in  OneDrive
  • Changing a sharing permission level in OneDrive
  • Stopping sharing of a folder in OneDrive
  • Finding documents in OneDrive with the assistance of OneDrive
Duration : 3 Hours
Regular Rate : 149.00 $
Preferential Rate : 126.65 $
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