Outlook 365 Beginner OU-013

Course Overview

Using a range of Outlook features from the mailbox to managing tasks.


Microsoft  Windows


Basics concepts:

  • Getting familiar with the network;
  • Starting Outlook 365;
  • Exploring the Outlook 365 window;
  • Customizing the Ribbon;
  • Customizing the Quick Access toolbar;
  • Importing/Exporting customizations;
  • Using the “Backstage”;
  • Using the help features;
  • Closing Outlook.


  • Exploring the window containing the Inbox;
  • The navigation pane of the e-mail window;
  • Identifying the groups contained in the navigation pane;
  • Creating a new e-mail message;
  • Managing e-mail messages;
  • Displaying the three-line ;
  • AutoPreview for e-mail messages;
  • Using Quick Steps to automate common or repetitive tasks in the e-mail lists;
  • Working with attachments;
  • Working with views;
  • Printing e-mail messages.


  • Exploring the window containing contacts;
  • Creating a new contact;
  • Managing the list of contacts;
  • Creating a new Contact Group (a personal distribution list in older versions);
  • Modifying the view for your list of contacts;
  • Displaying all the information associated to your contacts in a single area;
  • Printing contacts.


  • Creating folders;
  • Managing folders.


  • Exploring the window containing the calendar;
  • Managing appointments;
  • Managing recurring appointments;
  • Using the different views;
  • Planning a meeting;
  • Using the meeting planner;
  • Printing the calendar;
  • Modifying the calendar parameters.


  • Exploring the window containing tasks;
  • Managing tasks;
  • Managing recurring tasks;
  • Assigning and tracking tasks;
  • Changing the way tasks are displayed;
  • Using the Reminders window;
  • Printing tasks.


  • Changing the format of your e-mail messages;
  • Managing address books;
  • Changing the Desktop Alert settings;
  • Making an element private;
  • Creating different types of folders;
  • Displaying the weather in the Calendar.
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate : 175.00 $
Preferential Rate : 148.75 $
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