Develop your ability to respond with agility in the face of ambiguity

While the context in which we operate is often uncertain, complex and ambiguous, developing an agile mindset has become imperative. How do you adapt to new situations? Faced with the unknown, how do you go from resistance to acceptance? During this short training, discover the tips and tricks to bounce back and react with greater ease in a context of ambiguity.


Develop an agile mentality in the face of ambiguous situations.


Real-time virtual classroom in which each participant connects to the class via a web link. Computer, Webcam, and headphones with a microphone are required.


Preparatory exercise

  • Am I agile in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty?

Introduction and icebreaker activity

Your adoption and change profile

  • Profile exercise in subgroups

Why do we react?

  • Better understand your reaction and resilience mechanisms to gain control over a situation

My beliefs

  • Do your beliefs and perceptions facilitate your ability to navigate ambiguity or do they hinder you?

Adaptation strategies

  • Understand the different stages that lead us to adopt an adaptation and resilience strategy


  • Tips and tricks to go from a fixed mindset to an agile mindset in the face of ambiguity

Be daring!

  • From concept to action: step out of your comfort zone!

My action plan

Conclusion and evaluation 

The evaluation is completed online after the training session.

UEC : 0,25
Duration :
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