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Course Overview

Using  Visual Basic programming language. Create dialog boxes or elements that interact with the user.


VBA part 1


Introduction to VBA– Part 2:

  • Defining control structures;
  • Using conditional instructions, loops and logical operators in expressions;
  • Working with the object explorer and managing errors;
  • Using the Screen Updating function;
  • Using the With instruction;
  • Working with the object explorer;
  • Managing errors;
  • Using Excel and VBA functions in procedures;
  • Entering a formula inside a cell;
  • Creating and using a custom function;
  • Diverse and interesting procedures;
  • Adding the file path in the footer;
  • Using switching procedures;
  • Reaching an address and activating it in the upper left corner of the window;
  • Learning procedures to work with a range of cells.

Dialog Boxes:

  • Working with dialog boxes;
  • Creating and using a user interface;
  • Placing controls on a sheet;
  • Working with controls on a sheet;
  • Formatting controls;
  • Using additional controls;
  • Working with the code associated to events;
  • Identifying events;
  • Initializing dialog boxes;
  • Writing event-driven procedures for controls inside a dialog box.
Duration : 3 h
Regular Rate : 149.00 $
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