Illustrator, Beginner AD-018

Course Overview

Creating, and designing print to web graphics and, for our purposes, posters. It is quite easy to learn the basics and create work with a professional appearance.





  • Explore the Illustrator window;
  • Explore the toolbox;
  • Setting up the page;
  • Working with views;
  • View the different palettes.

Drawing Objects:

  • Drawing rectangles and squares;
  • Drawing ellipses and circles;
  • Drawing polygons and spirals;
  • Drawing with the Paintbrush and the Pencil;
  • Working with text. File Management: Opening;
  • saving and closing; Printing; Importing and exporting.

Precision Work:

  • Selecting objects with;
  • Selection tool;
  • Direct selection tool;
  • Group selection tool;
  • Lasso tool;
  • Direct select lasso tool;
  • Using grids;
  • Using the guidelines.

Object Transformation and Manipulation :

  • Moving and copying;
  • Stretching;
  • Scale tool;
  • Applying a reflect effect;
  • Rotating; Shear effect (skew).

Object Layout:

  • Group and ungroup objects;
  • Aligning objects;
  • Distribute objects.

Object Surface:

  • Add a fill color;
  • Use the swatch palette;
  • Choose a color with the Color Picker;
  • Add a custom color to the swatch palette;
  • Work with gradients;
  • Work with the styles palette;
  • Create a style;
  • Apply transparency.

Object Strokes:

  • Modify the line weight;
  • Add a color to the stroke;
  • Add dashes;
  • Work with brushes;
  • Create a new brush.
Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate : 650.00 $
Preferential Rate : 552.50 $
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