Illustrator, Intermediate AD-019

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Microsoft Windows


ObjectifPrérequisLearning use the layers, text tools, graphs, paths, and special effects.Beginning Illustrator 10.0ContenuLayers:Understanding layers; Create new layers; Delete layers; Create sublayers; Change the order of layers; Hide a layer; Use a template layer; Use the clipping mask layer; Merge layers. Text tools:Add text with the text tool; Link text; Check spelling; Create an outline; Add rows and columns. Graphs:Create a graph; Modify the graph; Change graph type; Change graph options; Change graph colors. Using Paths:Create paths with the pen tool; Add anchor points; Delete anchor points; Convert anchor points; Cutting a path with the scissors; Cutting a path with the knife. Advanced tools:Use the blend tool; Auto trace tool; Gradient tool; Gradient mesh tool. Special effects:Use the distort and transform; Use the stylize effects.



Duration : 2 day(s)
Regular Rate : $250
Preferential Rate : $200
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