Managing your time like a pro/F090

Do you feel you have too many tasks and projects for the time and resources available? Are you constantly being interrupted, so you can never stick to your work plan? Using a self-evaluation and a personal report, you can assess your sense of organization and determine which proven tools to use to manage your work hours sensibly and effectively.


Develop the ability to organize your work execution and better manage your priorities in order to be more efficient and reaching objectives.


For leaders and consultants

Learning objectives
  • Apply the key actions relative to efficiently planning and organizing your tasks and your time.
  • Show capacity to put into question your action-based habits and reflexes in order to become more efficient.
  • Use organization practices that increase your capacity for efficiency even under pressure.
  • Become aware that organizing your work goes beyond your own workload; it requires a holistic view and ongoing connection with colleagues.
  • Sharpen your agility in adjusting current priorities, even within a multiple mandate reality.

Theoretical lectures (30 %); experimenting and hands-on exercises (70 %).


Preparatory work


  • Introduction
  • Operating rules
  • Exercise: Establish my priorities
  • Activity prioritization: Eisenhower Model
  • The three nail theory
  • Macro planning to gain an overall view
  • Delegating
  • Tool: the key 8 questions on delegating
  • Delegating based on maturity level
  • Time management laws
  • Meeting efficiency
  • Reflection: Are my meetings efficient?
  • Tips and tools to use when in action: holding meetings
  • Lightening codevelopment: bad habits
  • Mon overview
  • Tips to overcome obstacles to efficient use of time in the workplace
  • Training evaluation
UEC : 0,7
Duration :
Regular Rate : 495.00 $
Preferential Rate : 420.75 $
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