One Note like Pro COM-005


Note-taking is generally recognized as a habit of highly effective businesspeople. Indeed, how can we possibly be expected to remember all the details and information received in our day to day lives. Effective information capture can make all the difference in how you manage your day, your team, or even those time sensitive projects.
Many of our students sign up for our training to transform their current habit of note taking with a notebook to one where they can easily and effectively use technology.
Now imagine having a tool to organize all your ideas, thoughts, important documents, and meeting notes in one place. All of this with an easy to use structure and format.
Upon completion, you will be armed with an easy and solid note-taking methodology that will revolutionize the way you work. More than a simple office automation course, this training gives you access to the best note-taking practices.

Program target audience
  • Professionals of all levels challenged by the organization of ideas and information
  • Active or non-active users of technology, both on desktop and laptop computers
  • Team leaders, coordinators, directors, SMB managers and executives
You absolutely need this course if
  • You are having trouble organizing your ideas
  • You have little note-taking experience
  • You lack structure in your notes or have trouble with their sequencing
  • You need to find information by subject or project easily
  • You want to eliminate the need for paper and your many notebooks
What will your future look like after this training?
  • You will reach an unparalleled level of comfort with the OneNote tool
  • You will have a powerful and easy to implement note-taking tool
  • You will have all your important information at your fingertips
  • You will have a tool to collaborate with your team to share important information
  • You will learn to connect OneNote with other Office tools
  • You will be able to manage your team and meetings with minimal effort for follow-ups and reminders

Your mission on this program  is to discover ant integrate 25 essentials OneNote features and improve your note taking on day One. – Online course duration : 2h00

Module 1 – Meet you logbook – Online course duration : 40 minutes

Learn all the key features of the OneNote interface and turn OneNote into a powerful logbook that will support you every day.

  • Understand the full potential of the OneNote interface
  • Master all facets of the software
  • Explore sections, pages, and subpages
  • Develop healthy note-taking habits
  • Eliminate paper forever with OneNote
  • Effectively organize your ideas and notes

Module 2 – Capture your ideas easly – Online course duration : 40 minutes

Learn to create a customized structure for your note-taking needs making it easier to find your information.

  • Eliminate time loss from the moment you open the software
  • Optimize note taking with different structures
  • Develop a strategy for large numbers of follow-up items
  • Use note indicators to save time
  • Find your notes and information very quickly
  • Customize your notes with templates
  • Automate your notes with templates

Module 3 – Organize you notes – Online course duration : 40 minutes

Learn to use Onenote’s strong integration capabilities with other Office suite solutions to excel at note taking.

  • iscover how to effectively work between the two interfaces
  • Understand the integration of Excel and Word with OneNote
  • Make your notes a natural extension of your work
  • Minimize the number of processes required for efficient archival of information
  • Record and organize your audio or video notes
  • Transfer your paper notes to your new notepad

Module 4 – Share and collaborate with Office 365 – Online course duration coming soon!

Collaborate like never before. By centralizing your notes and files, your employees will be able to work together in real time!

  • Have notebooks easily accessible from anywhere
  • Get unparalleled freedom of action and travel
  • Work as a team in real time in the same notebook
  • Use OneNote on your mobile devices
  • Use OneNote during your Teams meetings
  • Share notes with your colleagues and collaborators

(LIVE version & Workshops)

The training begins with a 90-minute live trainer-led workshop on the fundamentals and basic principles of proper use of the tool.

You will then have access to the complete program of online short video modules. Finally, this will be followed by a few exercises to complete at your own pace, on a secure and private platform.

If you book training for 10+ participants within your company, a free analysis tool will be made available allowing you to follow the progress of each student.

Regular Rate : 297.00 $
Preferential Rate : 210.00 $
Note :

Rate for online content only: $ 197