Optimize your personal effectiveness COM-014

Course Overview

Managing time is essential in organizations where the pace is high and demands more and more demanding. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve personal effectiveness and exert more influence on their surroundings and the people they work with in order to put forward winning habits to minimize stress, gain energy and maximise efficiency.

For several years we are inundated with information, methods and tools to help us master our time and we live in a modern society that craves rapid techniques and shortcuts. There is no quick solution. The important thing is what you do and why you do it. The review of our priorities, our needs, our values and our choice ensures that we have a better understanding of our potential to better meet the growing demands of productivity and efficiency in business.

  • Have been on the work market for over 3 years
  • Have the desire to improve your personal effectiveness


Program benefits

  • Develop your personal effectiveness
  • Connect your time management to a strategic destination
  • Refine your time management habits
  • Improve your delegation and your follow-up methods
  • Gain efficiency in your thought process and your crisis management

Timeless effectiveness

  • Understanding the foundation of strategic planning
  • Connect your time management to a strategic destination
  • Name the steps of good planning
  • Define the difference between a vision, a goal, an objective, an action plan and a priority
  • Plan your work with the S.M.A.R.T. method

Strategic effectiveness

  • Understand the basis of centralization
  • Have good priorities in a demanding role
  • Learn to better manage your time
  • Learn how to reduce time wasters
  • Discover the O.R.D.E.R acronym and its impact on managing
  • Identify mechanisms to prevent loss of focus

Day to day effectiveness

  • Start your workday with efficiency
  • Identify ways to better manage your employees
  • The power of delegation supported by rigorous follow-ups
  • Improve team communication and learn the keys to good meetings
  • Choose your managerial approach
  • Learn to say no tactfully

Long-term effectiveness

  • Discover how to better respond to issues with the help of good questions
  • Accelerate solutions when faced with problems
  • Optimize your thought process during planning
  • Linking empowering employees and intervention in issues



Duration : 1 day

Regular Rate : $549

Preferential Rate : $485

Notes : Complete illustrated manual and a loaned laptop for each participant (if course is with Outlook)

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