PowerPoint Beginner Bloc 1

Course Overview

Creating a simple presentation.


The Environment:

  • Opening a presentation;
  • Displaying a presentation;
  • New start-up options;
  • Moving inside a presentation;
  • Customizing the Ribbon;
  • Customizing the Quick Access toolbar;
  • Importing and exporting customizations;
  • Using the “Backstage”;
  • Using the help features.

Basic Concepts:

  • Creating a new presentation;
  • Inserting and deleting a slide;
  • Check spelling as you type;
  • Saving a presentation;
  • Undoing and repeating actions.


  • Changing the formatting of text;
  • Using bulleted lists;
  • Working with the Slide Sorter view.

Pictures and WordArt:

  • Using the pictures contained in the Clipart gallery;
  • Working with WordArt.

Shapes and Annotations:

  • Working with shapes;
  • Using a text box;
  • Selecting, moving and copying objects;
  • Aligning and distributing objects evenly;
  • Changing the fill colour;
  • Using the new eyedropper tool to match colours;
  • Adding text inside an object.
Duration : 3 h
Regular Rate : 79.00 $
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