Preventing and Resolving Conflicts /F074

Whether or not your conflicts are avoidable, our conflict prevention and resolution tools support you when you have to tackle problems before the consequences become disastrous. Requests from our clients for tools to manage conflict inspired us to design this very in-depth training course. Our intervention method allows you to tactfully avoid escalation and then focus on the positive to rebuild the relationship.


Approach conflict situations calmly and tactfully and appropriate a proven method to prevent conflict escalation or resolve it positively.


For leaders and consultants

Learning objectives
  • Know the basic concepts relating to conflict.
  • Position their conflict handling style and mode
  • Know the predisposing factors for the birth of a conflict and the impacts on the players involved.
  • Understand how conflicts develop.
  • Experiment with certain skills, processes and tools related to conflict resolution.

Theoretical lectures (30%); workshops (40%); case studies (30%).

  • Introduction: Objectives, expectations and rules of the game
    • Conflict and Me
    • My experience and my reactions in a conflict situation
    • What is a conflict?
    • Impacts of conflicts
    • Potential sources of conflict
  • Perceptions, main source of conflict
  • My conflict management style
    • My behaviour in a conflict situation
    • Thomas-Kilmann model
    • Strengths and limitations of conflict management styles
    • Conflict management traps
  • Intervening in a conflict situation
    • Evolution of a conflict: The six stages
    • My role in conflict management
    • Conditions of success for addressing and resolving conflicts
    • How to conduct a facilitator meeting?
    • My main challenge in facilitation
    • Mediation
  • Synthesis activity: My future conflicts
  • Conclusion and my next moves to action
  • Training program evaluation
UEC : 0,7
Duration :
Regular Rate : 495.00 $
Preferential Rate : 420.75 $
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