Session objectives

Participants will acquire the necessary skills to use the Zoom audioconference application and it’s predominant features.


Training for participants and presenters


Your Account

  • Login to your Zoom account
  • Managing your Zoom account
  • Differencing between personal and professional accounts
  • Using the web app versus using the desktop app

My meetings

  • Upcoming meetings list
  • Previous meetings list
  • Programming a meeting
  • Meeting templates
  • Improvised meetings

Recording a meeting

  • Local recordings
  • Cloud recordings
  • Exporting and sharing a recording

In Meeting

  • Managing the camera and microphone
  • Security
  • Participant list
  • Chat
  • Sharing your screen / document
  • Sharing options
  • Reactions
  • Display options


  • Public channels
  • Private channels
  • Managing contacts

Breakout Rooms

  • Managing breakout rooms
  • Creating breakout rooms
  • Breakout rooms options
  • Preparing breakout rooms in advance


  • Creating a poll
  • Adding poll questions
  • Starting a poll
  • Downloading poll results

Meeting options

  • The lobby
  • Basic meeting options
  • Advanced meeting options
  • Notifications
  • Other options (delegation, etc.)
Duration : 2 hours
Note :

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